4 Ways CrossFit Increases Productivity

There’s no doubt that CrossFit increased the efficiency of gym-goers worldwide. We were previous relegated to aimlessly wandering around a gym full of cardio machines and body-building accessory equipment with no actual clue how our bodies build muscle or lose fat. The professionalization of the coach has given fitness enthusiasts access to world-class instruction and insight at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer. This efficiency doesn’t stop at the door of the gym. CrossFit increased productivity in the workplace, the kitchen, and in family time. Here are just a few ways CrossFit has increased my productivity.

1. An anchor point.

“Morning rituals” have become a buzzword. Meditation, writing, gratitude, and healthful habits have (thankfully) replaced inspiration. This is not a fad. We’re finally coming to grips with the fact that positive change in one’s life is had through repeated, incremental, sustainable exposure to desired behavior. No one makes a radical life change and sticks to it over the next decade. The staggering data on failed New Years’ Resolutions are proof positive. CrossFit encompasses all of the elements of adopting a positive habit – it occurs at the same time every day, it has a mentor (coach), and is done in an interpersonal context (your fellow athletes). Your body will even begin to give you subconscious physiological cues that this activity is taking place.

2. Stress management.

I’m not talking the “oh, I feel better because I worked out” kind of feelings. I’m talking real, quantifiable hormonal changes. Simply put, your body emits a hormone called cortisol when it’s in danger, experiencing external stressors, or you have a deadline to meet. There’s a very important reason for this response – your great-great-great… ancestors used the hormone to achieve great physical and emotional feats to save themselves from immediate harm and death. Unfortunate for you, a sedentary culture has rendered cortisol essentially useless for physical activity. So, when you have a bunch of emails that you’re stressing about, you’ll have the same response as you would if your life was in danger. Physical activity performed at an appropriate intensity return your physiological response to the – more appropriate – physical environment instead of office stressors.

3. Reliance on experts.

We live in a crazy world where Jenny McCarthy’s advice replaces our physician’s, Instagram models are fitness professionals, and Dr. Oz sells us magic pills daily. The distractions are endless. With literally the entire known human history in our pocket, we can waste an incredible amount of time attempting to be our own experts. CrossFit has, as previously stated, put a large number of people in front of world-class professionals daily at a fraction of the cost of personal training. It has democratized coaching and fitness with open-source communities and free resources. Of course there are coaches that should not be seen as the end-all-be-all, but CrossFit has certainly cut through the noise of supplements, fad diets, “The 8 Exercises to SHRED Your Abs” click-bait. It’s a community of people that have all come to the conclusion that consistent hard work, reasonable whole food choices, and being a part of community is the single best way to achieve fitness.

4. Time management.

People are notoriously poor with managing their time. It’s a played-out cliche, but we’re all given the same 24 hours. So, why do some people accomplish so much more in their’s while you’re always complaining about being busy? Simple: time management. The simple act of attending a class almost demands you practice good time management – pack a gym bag, arrive on time, and eat a healthy meal afterward. These habits beget more habits. Try “AMRAPing” (as many rounds as possible) your work. You would be surprised to learn that you’re actually capable of accomplishing – working on a single task – more in 20 minutes than you currently stretch into 60.

Will joining an affiliate or doing workouts in your garage automatically make you the most productive person in your office? Of course not. But, the activities that take place inside the gym are a clear reflection of productivity habits that occur outside the gym. Give it a shot and let us know what you find out!