Continuum: A Mental and Physical training program designed for the Everyday Athlete.

Mental Fitness challenge begins June 5th,  click here to sign up!


For years, The Hill KC has been helping people transform their lives through evidence-based physical fitness.

But we know that looking good in a swimsuit isn’t enough to truly improve your quality of life.

To truly thrive in life, you need to cultivate healthy physical habits like working out and eating well, as well as healthy mental habits like mindfulness, positive self-talk, gratitude, and resilience.

Continuum goes beyond the physical fitness, seamlessly integrating mental training tactics to prepare you for the everyday challenges of life, guiding you towards peak performance and ultimate well being.


Take a look at the image above. This is the spectrum, far left is heavy mental focus, far right is the physical focus.

As we move through life things change, our priorities shift and your focus will move along this Continuum.

Just because you can’t make it the gym 5 times a week, doesn’t mean you can’t still train!

At The Hill we meet you where you are.

It’s not just about setting goals, it’s about setting the right goals, at the right time.

The quicker you realize how big the role your mindset and mental habits play in your overall success, the quicker you can let go of the pressure, release resistance and begin to thrive regardless of life’s circumstance.

We can help YOU achieve a greater level of satisfaction with life than you ever thought possible.

And it starts by incorporating our Mental Fitness Training program that we will introduce next.

We offer 3 levels of Membership that you can structure on your own to create a plan that works for you. To learn more about Continuum and the programs we offer at The Hill KC, please click here.

Our goal is to help you live more present to truly soak in the good times and build resilience for when times get tough.

We are kicking off our new program with a Mental Fitness Challenge on June 5th! If you are interested in finding out more or to sign up, click here and fill out form!