Eric Rodenberg

Eric blowin’ it up with the Endurance crew

After moving to Kansas City last December for his wife’s schooling, Eric was looking to step up his physical activity from jogging and the occasional push-up. Eric was first exposed to CrossFit through the academy for the Missouri Highway Patrol and knew that was the edge he needed. Since beginning a full-time CrossFit training regimen at CrossFit Memorial Hill, Eric has seen incredible gains in both strength and stamina.  According to Eric, “I have enjoyed every second of it. Everyone at the gym has been great and really welcoming.”

Due to his hectic schedule as a Highway Patrolman, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing Eric at any number of class times. The most impactful part of Eric’s training is his consistency, effort, and pursuit of improvement. Eric’s strength gains have been dramatic and noticeable to all of his coaches.  He truly is an image of a lifelong pursuit of fitness. Great work, Eric. We’re all incredibly proud of you!


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