Featured Athlete: Jay Fleer

Have you met Jay Fleer? If you’ve been to CrossFit class at 6 AM recently, I’m sure you have. His kindness and warmth is unavoidable. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet him yet, I encourage you to walk right on up to him and introduce yourself. He will be more than happy to shake your hand and get to know you.

What I enjoyed most about talking with Jay today for our podcast/video (more on that soon) was getting to hear his story about starting CrossFit. I know he has been a police detective for quite some time, so I assumed that he had been doing some sort strength and conditioning. It turned out that was not at all the case.

Jay’s path to CrossFit and living more healthfully started just last Valentine’s Day when he gave up smoking, fulfilling a promise he’d made to his daughters awhile ago. After giving up smoking he thought, and I paraphrase, “Well, I certainly do feel better, I should do other healthy things now too. I’d like to give running a shot.” So he did.

He really enjoyed running, but knew he also wanted to get stronger. Through a few internet searches he found CrossFit, and now the rest is history. Jay has been at The Hill for almost a year and he can’t get enough.

“I was addicted from day one… The concept of functional fitness, from head to toe.”

SP Jay

As Jay has gotten more and more into CrossFit he has become a stronger and better influence on his family, friends and co-workers. He credits his devotion and success so far to the style of workouts, community and coaches, but I’d like to give most of the credit, to Jay.

Jay is committed to getting into the box and putting in the hard work, no matter how he’s feeling. He shows true respect for his body, mind and spirit by pushing himself during workouts and helping others do the same through his encouragement and relentless smile.

Jay’s biggest fitness goal for the next year or so is getting a 300 pound back squat, he’s at about 225 pounds now. I believe wholeheartedly he can do it, and if you’ve ever seen him workout, I know you agree.

To learn more about my friend Jay, check out the podcast we recorded together and enjoy this sweet video!

Thanks for reading. Make sure you shake Jay’s hand next time you see him.


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