Featured Athlete

Mark NussMark Before & After

Typically when the coaches all chat about who we’ll nominate for a month’s featured athlete, I’ll shoot that person an email & ask them some questions that I think pertain to them, their career, and family and how it all relates to The Hill. This month I’ve selfishly decided that, instead of letting Mark answer questions about himself, I’d attempt to take all the incredible things said by and about Mark and put them out there. But first, I’d like to let all who don’t know him get a feel for his attitude:

“I love this place. I’ve only been coming here for 4(ish) months and I’ve only been working out (really) for about 7. I have so much fun at the Hill. I feel like I’ve come a long way from where I started and, for the first time ever, I don’t care about where I stack up…it’s now a mentality that I’ve found what I want to do for life and just need to make little improvements towards every movement.
I’ve felt like I’m part of the family since day one- regardless of my abilities.  It’s infectious.  The Hill is FULL  of great people who have been nothing but welcoming and given me PLENTY to aspire to.”
It’s the Mark’s of the world that compel coaches, trainers, and gym owners everywhere to wake up and go to work each day. When he first came to the Hill, Mark was apprehensive (as we all are) but determined, persistent, and infectiously joyful. He’s an example to everyone around him that life is best lived actively and enthusiastically. Mark is a loving father, demonstrating for all parents that health, fitness, wellness, and community are foundational habits of happy people.Mark, The Hill is a better place because of you. From all of your coaches: thanks for the inspiration, hard work, and delightful attitude. On behalf of The Hill membership, thanks for being the embodiment of our cornerstone: Community. Commitment. Results.