May Featured Athlete: Kimiko Gilmore

Assistant City Manager, lover of deadlifts, and eater of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, meet this month’s Featured Athlete!





1. What’s your athletic background?

I never considered myself an athlete.  When I was in junior high school I played basketball and softball.  In high school I ran track one year.  I was not a stand out performer.  Looking back I know that I could have been decent but I wasn’t encouraged.  The coaches really didn’t “coach.”  They had one goal and that was to win.  If you weren’t a natural high caliber athlete they didn’t spend much time on you.


2. What was your first experience with CF?

My BFFs started going to River Market CrossFit and convinced me that I should try it out.  I went to the free class and even though I thought I would die…I was hooked.


3. When did you start CF?

I started doing CrossFit in January 2013.


4. Why did you choose CrossFit Memorial Hill?

After River Market closed I started going to Do Work which was 5 minutes from my house.  When I moved to midtown I had to find a new box.  There were a lot of choices but Memorial Hill had a great reputation and several of the RM folks were there and I knew if they were happy I would be happy!  And I am! I love the coaches, the facility and the community!


5. What keeps you coming back?

The coaching.  It is consistent and that is important to me.  You can tell that there is some thought put into the programming from introduction to cool down.  The coaches pay attention to the ALL of the athletes at ALL times.  You help us make adjustments and you stick with us until we get it.  I appreciate professionalism and business sense that is demonstrated each and every day I’m there.


6. Why do you live in KC?

I have lived in KC since my father was transferred here when he worked for TWA.  We were originally from New York, moved to St. Louis and then KC was the last stop.  I HATED Kansas City for a long time but now I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


7. What do you like about KC?

This is a great time to live in Kansas City, Missouri!!!!! I work for the city as Assistant City Manager and it has been an honor to be a part of the growth that has occurred over the last 10 years. Downtown, Crossroads, streetcar, Google Fiber, small businesses, arts and culture, and so much more! Kansas City, Missouri is on the move and we have only just begun!!!!!


8. What are one or two improvements you have seen in your life since starting CF?

CrossFit makes me feel powerful. I have a better understanding of what I am capable of and I don’t say, “I can’t” any more I say, “I can’t YET!”


9. What are your goals for 2017?

CONSISTENCY!!!!! That has been my big obstacle. Work, life, there’s always something.  I know that I won’t be able to reach any other goal without that.  Beyond consistency I would LOVE to learn how to do double-unders, pull ups and rope climbs.


10. What would you say to someone thinking about starting CF?

DO IT!!!! DO IT NOW!!! When people tell me that they COULD NEVER do CrossFit I get on my soapbox and proceed to tell them why they could and should. I don’t know how many I have convinced but if I can get just one person to try it I have done my job!


11. What’s your favorite & least favorite CF movement?

Deadlifts are my favorite!!!!!! Besides the obvious… burpees, my least favorite is anything that I can’t do YET!


12. What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Any gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, a mojito and an apple walnut cobbler from Houston’s.


13. Anything else you would like to share with The Hill family?

I want to thank you for welcoming me to The Hill. I can say that this is the best CrossFit experience that I have had and I am grateful that I found you.