Megan Sheeley

Each morning as she leaves the box, Megan Sheeley catches my eye and says, “Kyle, have a great day. I know you will.”

I smile and reply, “Thanks Megan.”

This small gesture always means a lot to me, and truly does set me down the path to a great day.

These unexpected acts of kindness and generosity seem to be Megan’s M.O. She is always dressed in bright colors that bring a smile to your face and will go out of her way to make anyone’s day better.


Megan has been a part of The Hill family since October, 2014. In that short amount of time she has made huge gains as an athlete but has made an even bigger impact as a vital part of our community.

Megan was all-in for the recent Hill Games as a member of the champion team, Kippersnatch. And it’s her goal to come to the box 5 times a week, and she says she loves it!

She has become a CrossFit fanatic and is slowly but surely convincing her friends and family to give it a shot. In fact, that’s her simple piece of advice for folks who may be nervous about CrossFit, “You gotta try it!” That’s exactly what she did, and for that, we thank her.


kjs… Kyle J Smith

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