October Featured Athlete: Lydia Friz

October Featured Athlete: Lydia Friz

Lydia has been an important part of our community these past two years. She is a committed athlete who has come a long way since joining.

Lydia started CrossFit to return to the fundamentals of human movement and function.

Lydia found CrossFit after dealing with injuries and mobility issues in boxing. When she started afraid and nervous. She overcame the fear and anxiety by learning how to scale on her own, realizing her own strengths and making friends who were helpful and encouraging.

Lydia uses CrossFit to pursue her true passions: helping people and staying healthy.

Lydia said CrossFit is important to her now because it keeps her focused while studying in preparation for physical therapy school and she now has such a vital group of friends at The Hill. Lydia thinks physical therapy will be a good fit because she will be able to help others recover and exceed their own expectations for themselves.

Lydia and I took the time to write a little workout for us to do soon in class. This includes her favorite and least favorite exercises which are as follows:

  • Favorite barbell movement: hang power clean
  • Favorite gymnastics movement: ring dip
  • Least favorite mono-structural movement: rowing
  • Least favorite barbell movement: snatches

We will update this post soon with the dates for the workout. You’ll have to show up to learn what the workout is exactly. Gonna be a fun one