You’re a part of a sum

You’re The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With.

Jim Rohn’s famous words have been used EVERYWHERE. In business schools, corporate rallies, and – yes – even in fitness. Distilled down, he’s essentially saying: “surround yourself with decent people.”

Be the person you want to date.

I’ll never forget the words of my 9th grade chemistry teacher as I lamented my lack of homecoming date: “Stop looking for the person you want to take to the dance and be the person you want to take to the dance.”

Is the world always working against you? Do bad decisions happen to you? Is it the world’s fault when you don’t reach your goals?

Be a co-creator; Bring up someone’s average.

Instead of this focus on surrounding ourselves with a better 5 people, how about we try to be a better fifth? Instead of crapping on someone’s attempt at putting themselves out there – on their creating, momentum, success – why not stand beside them? Why not ask: “how can I help?”

Here’s your challenge this week: Come alongside someone attempting to gain momentum in any area of their life: diet, fitness, strength, career, family, education and become a Co-Creator. Bring up their average. Take the focus off yours and put it on bringing others up.

How can I help?