One Step


“Just take a step through the door.”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that, I’d never work another day in my life. My favorite thing about CrossFit is that, if you take one step through the door, our coaches can provide you with world class fitness. Maybe it’ll add 20 years to your life. Maybe it’ll add life to your years.

But why is it so hard?

I’m not going to lie – it’s frustrating. For less than 5 bucks a day & 5 hours a week, world class fitness, strength, mobility, longevity, networking, endurance, social interaction, fun, friends, and events are all available. It’s a value proposition I never anticipated defending to such infinite lengths.

But then I had a thought: What’s my door? Instead of beating this drum of “just step in the door,” how about I look in the mirror at my “just step in the door”?

“When you write a book…”

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even hear the rest of his sentence. Several months ago I was at a conference in Chicago when someone I greatly respect in fitness & business said this to me. I didn’t hear the rest of his sentence because I had already begun my list of reasons why that would be impossible:

  • Don’t you know how scatter-brained I am?
  • I’ve haven’t gone 120 seconds without my phone ringing, text message, Facebook message, or email since opening my affiliate.
  • Where would I do this?
  • How would I organize it?
  • Why me? No one gives a damn what I have to say.

All reasons I couldn’t step through the door. It’s not hard to hammer out a couple hundred words. This took me 8 minutes.

So here it is, publicly. My door. I’ll hammer out something simple, stupid, or otherwise every week and share it with you. Not working toward any grand scheme, but just walking through the door.

What’s your door? Perhaps it’s the gym. Perhaps it’s saying “hi” to someone. Perhaps it’s packing a lunch tonight before bed.

Whatever it is, let’s both take a small step through that door.