Snatching in conditioning


Snatching in conditioning

The snatch is a complicated movement that deserves respect and takes a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot) of practice. With patience and humility, you can improve your snatch.

The snatch can be an effective conditioning tool in CrossFit.

In this video Coach Kyle lays out a template of techniques to improve your snatch in a conditioning setting. They are:

  • Beginner: a traditional snatch to focus on proper technique and enhance carry over to the strength and power movement (low hips, includes jump)
  • Novice: “easier” set up position to increase cycle speed with aggressive jump (high hips, includes jump)
  • Intermediate: a muscle version of the movement to increase speed (low hips, muscle snatch)
  • Advanced: a muscle version of the movement with high hips in the starting position

You will never perfect your snatch, but it can always improve.