A short memory

“A short memory.” I first heard this phrase to describe a good baseball player.  Sit on this for a moment – the best batting average in all of baseball history is held by Ty Cobb at .366. To translate that stat, 64 out of 100 attempts were unfavorable. 

How’s your fitness memory?

Chances are, you’re just coming off Thanksgiving holiday. If your’s was anything like mine you overindulged and over-imbibed a bit with family. You’re probably struggling with feelings of un-doing all the indulgences in the gym. Or maybe you’re feeling a bit of guilt over all the pie.

You have a much higher batting average.

Here’s the thing – you’ve already won the holiday battle. You’ve been building habits and anchor points around health, wellness, and momentum. You’ve already put in the hard work over the last several months. You have all these great habits and people in your life to push you toward your goals. And here’s the awesome thing – you’re probably batting .800. 8/10 decisions are a win. 

So, don’t beat yourself up; keep up the hard work. And – most importantly – have a short memory. After all, momentum is more powerful than gravity.