Angie Curry : Featured Athlete of September.

Coachable | Hardworking | Positive

“If you needed any proof that Angie is as hard working as they come, just take a look at how fantastic of a mother she is to her 4 daughters, 3 of which are triplets. I have enjoyed getting to know Angie so much, and seeing her develop as an athlete. She doesn’t hesitate to ask questions if she doesn’t understand, she’s unafraid of slowing down to learn something, or to speed up once she’s got it. If she made the excuse that she didn’t have time to make fitness a priority in her life, no one would blame her. But she shows up, she works hard every single time, and she doesn’t let the busyness of being a wife and mom keep her from crushing her goals. Thanks for letting us be a part of your life, Angie!” – Coach Brianna

What is your favorite color? Blue

What would your superpower be? To be able to fly

What is your spirit animal? A dog

Row? Bike? Run? Ski? Why? If it is going to happen as part of a Crossfit workout, I would choose running over biking, skiing, or rowing because it doesn’t seem to wear out your muscular endurance as much as the other options.

What is your favorite CrossFit Workout or movement? Clean with Split Jerk

Favorite cheat meal in KC?  Salty Iguana; Blue Shell Chicken Tacos with a big thing of cheese dip and chips as an appetizer. Too bad they only have Pepsi. I prefer Coke.

When did you start working out at The Hill? November 2015

What were some of the emotional or physical challenges that you were having before you started at CrossFit Memorial Hill? I had been working out in more of a country club type atmosphere for the last 15 years. So, I had gotten used to a very repetitive type weekly calendar that didn’t have much variation at all. The group classes included things like spin, sculp fusion, body pump, step aerobics, etc. In most of the classes, the workouts would be identical for long periods of time. It was comfortable and easy to settle into the weekly repetitive rhythm of it all. I loved seeing my “workout girlfriends” and the camaraderie that we shared. But, the truth was that I didn’t feel like my body had appropriately responded to my 15 years of consistent attendance at the club’s daily exercises classes. And, it seemed like something about the way I was exercising was causing my knees and feet to hurt all the time. I was beginning to think that I was going to be a candidate for knee replacement surgery at some point in my future if something didn’t change.

How have you seen those challenges improve since joining The Hill? What does life look like now? Being at The Hill has really changed my exercise life. And, my body and general level of fitness. For the better. Although the classes are still in a group format, they are small enough to where the highly skilled coaches can get around to each athlete in the class, repetitively throughout each class, to make sure your form is correct. Within the first few months, I had learned to push my knees out anytime I was in a squatting position. I think that one change is probably what caused my knees to permanently stop hurting. It also has allowed me to be able to break parallel easily in that squat position, something I had never been able to do previously. In general, I don’t have daily pain that isn’t a simple result of the muscular discomfort from a hard workout the day before. And, after 3 ½ years of Crossfit, the way my body looks is starting to make a lot more sense to me. The coaches at the Hill call us “athletes”. I am starting to feel like that label fits me a bit better.

What keeps you coming back? And where do you find your motivation when the workout looks difficult? The incredible coaches, my friends and the community feeling, the awesome facility, the consistently varying workouts, the daily challenge that each workout represents and the feeling of accomplishment from finishing them, and the positive way my body continues to respond to Crossfit in general.

How do you make working out fit into your busy schedule? Luckily, I work from home. So, instead of doing a lunch hour dedicated to eating, I do Crossfit instead and squeeze a pre-planned meal into the last part of my lunch break.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit? You CAN do it! You are not too old. You are not too unfit. You do not need to lose weight before you get started. And, you don’t need to go do another exercise program for a year before coming to Crossfit. Just come now. The coaches will work with you to give you a modified version of every exercise we do that will work for you. Crossfit is for everyone, and that includes YOU.

What are some of your personal goals in or out of the gym? Personal records or achievements that you are proud of? When I came to Crossfit, I wanted to get better form on all my exercise movements. Learning how to do Double Unders and being able to climb the rope consistently have been two of my favorite Crossfit accomplishments. I am also encouraged by the consistent progression in the quality of my Olympic lifting form. I am getting better at pushing through those times when you feel yourself wanting to quit or slow down during some of the more challenging workouts that we do each week. And, I hope that I am improving in my ability to take what the coaches are telling me and actually apply that to what I am doing that day.

Anything else you would like to share with our fitfam? Thank you for helping me find my new fitness family.

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