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Coach Kyle here. I’d like to tell you a little about my good friend, Christina Crumpecker.

Christi’s intro to CrossFit was unique. For all the details you’ll have to ask her, but the gist of it is: she was taking fundamentals, and on her way out of class one day her knee gave out. She fell to the floor, hobbled away a bit embarrassed, and ended up getting surgery.

Most of the time, when an athlete gets hurt and “CrossFit” is even somewhat involved, they immediately write off the endeavor as stupid and tell their friends for the rest of their lives that, “CrossFit is dangerous.”

Not Christi.

During recovery, the first thing she told her physical therapist was, “I want to go back to CrossFit.” I imagine the rest of the conversation went some thing like this…

PT: You’re crazy.

Christi: Sure. Better crazy than dead.

PT: Dead? You’re being ridiculous.

Christi: The path I’m on is fatal. CrossFit is my way out. 

PT: All right. It’s your life. 

Christi: You better believe it is. 


What was it about Christi’s brief taste of CrossFit that left her hungry for more? Is there a way for you to tap into this same intensity to make a positive change in your own life? I think the answer has been written on the wall the entire time:


If you’re a part of The Hill Family, you’ve seen this sign a million times: Community. Commitment. Results. Simple enough. And exactly what Christi needed to take huge strides towards health and fitness.

First, Christi fell in love with the community at The Hill. She still shows off her fundamentals graduation picture with Mark Nuss and Coach Josh, and she is without a doubt The Hill’s biggest evangelist on Facebook. Then Christi made a commitment to herself to give this CrossFit thing a try, trusting The Hill’s commitment to her: we will guide you one WOD at a time towards a better version of yourself. And now, Christi is seeing her hard earned results. She competed in The Hill Games, has hit a bodyweight deadlift and surprises herself every week with new achievements and PRs.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise though. Trust me, she deserves every ounce of this glory.

Christi is hard-working, curious, compassionate, giving and genuine. I am proud to call her my friend and know The Hill is a better place to be because of her. Welcome to the family.



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