New Strength Cycle Starts Next Week

Ready to build some serious strength?

Starting next week we’ll be releasing a general strength cycle programmed two days a week – on Monday’s and Friday’s

This will be A LOT of volume – even for experienced strength athletes. Here are our recommendations to maximize this cycle:

  • Complete the entire thing; don’t pick and choose – make a commitment to complete the work twice a week for 8 weeks.
  • Allocate at least 75 minutes to complete the work. You’ll need proper rest time between the big sets – especially early on in the cycle.
  • DON’T DO ANYTHING ELSE ON THESE DAYS. Remember: lifting weights won’t make you strong. Recovering from lifting weights will make you strong.
  • If you opt to go through this (pretty rigorous) strength cycle, you must sleep and eat more than you do now and drink less alcohol than you do now – if you do at all.

The Strength Cycle will be programmed under the “Strength Cycle” in the Extra Work piece of the day’s WOD. It will be released on Mondays and Fridays and can be completed in open gym.

Happy season of gainz.

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