1st Annual The Hill Games

Feb. 23rd – Mar. 28th


The Purpose of the first annual “Hill Games” is simple: have fun, build community, commit to working hard, and see some great results in the process! You do not need to sign up for the CrossFit Games Open to participate, unless you’d like to see how you stack up across the world.


Every team will have a team captain; a coach to help guide, inspire, and tally points. Teams will have the ability to earn points throughout the Hill Games to go toward a grand prize along with random drawings along the way. Teams will be drafted according to what level they’ll be participating in the Open workouts.


Teams will earn points based on several categories: attendance throughout the week, participation and scores in the Open Workouts, and a “spirit of the Games” award will be awarded weekly.
-Each team member can earn up to 5 points/week for their team based solely on attendance. (1 point for regular WODs and 2 points for participation in an Open WOD). You must sign into Wodify for attendance to count.
-The top 2 Female and top 2 Male finishers in each division will also earn their team 1 point per finish. Results must be recorded in Wodify.
-The Spirit of the Games award is worth 5 points weekly and will be awarded to the team that demonstrates an exceptional example of community, commitment, and fun.


Your captains will keep track of your scores, provide some guidance and direction in the workouts, and help lead you to which level you should be participating. Your team captains are:Brian Z, Jamie Thomas, David Ochoa, Kyle Smith, Chad Trease, Brianna Walters, Steph, Maggie, Matt, Josh.


Your coaches will ultimately let you know at which level you should participate, but here is a general idea of where you’ll participate. Please note that teams will be drafted to have equal participants in each level. If you are routinely finishing 1st in a level, your coach reserves the right to move you up a level.
Level 1 – Ring Rows, 75/35 Snatch, 95/55 Clean, Step-Ups, Single Unders
Level 2 – Ring Dips, 2-5 Unassisted Pull-Ups, 135/95 Snatch, 155/105 Clean, K2E, Box Jumps, 25 DU
Level 3 – Ring Muscle Ups, 185/115 Snatch, 225/155 Clean, TTB, 10 C2B Pull Up, Double Unders

*These guidelines are a rough idea of levels. All the workouts will be accessible at a comparable level for ALL Athletes*

Please request to join this Facebook Group to be drafted onto a team. If you don’t have Facebook, email Matt@CrossFitMemorialHill.com to be put on a team.


Happy New Year!!!


Every year leading up to this time, I’m asked if the gym will be doing any sort of “challenge.” I love challenges; physical, mental, professional, ect. In the instance of a nutrition “challenge,” people typically will do 30 days of a strict version of a diet: paleo, clean eating, zone, etc. I think these challenges have a great place for people who have never played around with clean eating. It’s a great opportunity to see how great you feel and how well you perform.

For myself and for The Hill, 2015 is the year of sustainability. We’ve stripped down all of our programming, products, coaching, and business administration to it’s most basic principles and asked ourselves: “What does this look like in 20 years?” How can we program and approach fitness in an integrated system that ushers our athletes into retirement strong, healthy, and able to enjoy a life of independence and wellness? What does a healthy workplace look like? How can we promote a sustainable nutrition practice? How do we give athletes the tools they need to succeed physically, mentally, and professionally?

Because of this, we’re putting out #TheHill30 on our Facebook Page all this month. Your coaches will each submit a short tip or nugget of information that they’ve learned from a challenge they’ve done or from spending thousands of hours coaching athletes. These are the things we’ve made habit over years or even decades. So, take what you want; throw away what you don’t. But, I strongly encourage each of you to take away something from this month that will build your wellness landscape for the next 20, 30, or 50 years.

The Hill-Cast

If you’ve yet to check out The Hill-Cast, do so RIGHT NOW. We sit down with your coaches and fellow athletes to chat nutrition, training, specialty programs, and what makes them tick.

Do you have a topic you’d like covered? Email: Kyle@crossfitmemorialhill.com and let him know!

Last Call for Specialty Classes!!!

In case you missed it the first time, check out the Specialty Class FAQ and follow the links to sign up.

Looking for a nutrition or training jump-start?

This year we’re expanding into personal training packages. This can be in the form of nutritional consultations, some specialty training, or just a good ole kick in the butt. A free 20 minute planning consultation is included when you get a 4- or 8- session package. Fill out the form here to get more info. 

Be cool in ’15

Remember the first time you stepped foot in CrossFit? Super intimidating, right? Well, now you’re a CrossFit badass that knows where the jump ropes and J-Cups are and how to do barbell math.

This time of year, we’ll see a bunch of new faces around the gym. Be cool to them. Introduce yourself, partner up with them, and…well…be cool. You guys are all incredible people to work with on a daily basis. Share that awesomeness.

Also, while you’re at it, pass along that referral card to a friend. Everyone has a resolution this year; let’s make this the year of results.


2015 Newsletter & Announcements

Happy Holidays!!!

From your entire coaching staff at CrossFit Memorial Hill we’d like to extend our warmest wishes for a joy-filled holiday season and a Happy Healthy New Year to you all. By now you’ve probably been contacted by coach Bri for your mailing address to get a gift sent out. If you haven’t arranged this, please email Brianna@CrossFitMemorialHill.com

The Hill-Cast

We’ve started Podcasting!!! Check us out for some awesome info and funny stories about CrossFit, our training history, coffee, nutrition, and putting meat into a Vita-Mix. Please subscribe and enjoy! New episode every Tuesday.

Better Know a Coach – Al

Programming in 2015

If you’re interested in any of these programs, please use the following links to sign up (this is for the entire 8 week program, not monthly):

The Hill Strength Club — 2 Programmed classes/week + 1 programmed Open Gym Monday & Wednesday @ 5:45 pm

Iron Hill Women’s Strength — 1 Programmed class/week + 1 programmed Open Gym Monday 6:45 pm & Wednesday 6:00 am

Welcome Back Sabrena!!!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to meet Sabrena, it’s time to change that!

Open Gym

After polling several of our members regarding Open Gym, I received common feedback: 1. I never know what to do, and 2. None of the times work for my unpredictable schedule. This year, we’re looking to solve both of those problems.

In 2015, we will open up 20 hours/week of staffed Open Gym time. This will be a time to come in and get some specific programming from a coach to work on your own or as a way to get a workout in around an unpredictable schedule. This time will only be open to CFMH members.

As of right now, these times look something like this:
Mon & Wed: 8a-noon
Tu & Thurs: 1p-4:45p
Fri: 1p-3p
Mon-Th: 6:45p-7:45p

This expanded Open Gym time will be included with any specialty programs (Iron Hill, The Hill Strength Club, etc.) for which you’re participating and will be an additional $10/month for anyone else on an Unlimited Group Membership. Saturday 10a-noon will not be included in the expanded times & will remain a part of your Group Membership at no additional cost.

Upcoming Events and Holiday Schedule

January 3rd, 2015 9:00AM — Kansas City’s Fittest comes to CrossFit Memorial Hill for the 9am WOD. Follow KC’s Fittest on Facebook for more updates. This event is free and open to the public.

Please check your class schedule, your Wodify app, or our Holiday Closings for any schedule changes.

A thank you.

It’s around the holidays that we begin to reflect on the previous year. It’s been a wild ride. It was in 2014 that I left a steady job, a retirement plan, healthcare, a bonus, PTO, and a 40 hour work week. It was a really scary decision that caused many restless nights and endless trepidation. My only regret during that time was how long it took me to turn to a community for support.

Whatever excitement and fear 2015 holds for you, my only hope is that you look around at your community for support. Every day you walk in the gym, you’re doing more than sweating with strangers. You’re experiencing life with other people. Take solace in the thought that everyone walks through the same door with just as much baggage as you.

Whatever your resolution for 2015, make it a shared one. Experience your health and wellness with like-minded friends who won’t judge or scoff at your goals. Lift each other up. Praise the positive. Give thanks.

Thanks for allowing myself and all your coaches at The Hill to be a part of your 2014.

Cheers to a new year!



CrossFit Sucks.

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon since my response to the question “What do you do [for a living]?” has shifted from something related to low-level management to owning and running a fitness facility: strangers voluntarily (over) share their feelings & experiences as it relates to their own fitness hopes, fears, self-doubts, and advice. I’m not complaining; I really enjoy it. Plus, it’s given me thousands of reps at reading and communicating with people on such a visceral level.

If this conversation lasts more than 30 seconds it will undoubtedly turn to one about CrossFit. This conversation goes one of two ways: 1. “My _________ does it (CrossFit) and has great things to say about it” or 2. “Oh my gosh I want to try it but I could never ever do that because of ______.”

Those of you reading for whom CrossFit literally puts food on your table, probably have the same response I’ve always given. Something like this: “Oh, no, you could totally do it.” “Everything is scalable.” “Even your grandma could do it.” “We have great coaches who will help you along the way.” “There’s an On-Ramp/Foundations/Fundamentals/CrossFit 101…” Ad nauseam. Most coaches who have taken the plunge to full-time all typically feel a deep connection to helping others see a better version of themselves. We’re helpers, coaches, mentors, and probably a tad co-dependent. Our canned answer for “I could never do it” is our attempt to mitigate someone else’s self-doubt.

Over this most recent Thanksgiving I had a shift (and some Merlot) in my approach to this. For the thousandth time I heard the same refrain of self-doubt: “CrossFit? I’m sure I could never do it.” My response changed. “CrossFit sucks. Not because the movements or the workouts or the coaches suck, but because change worth having sucks.

CrossFit sucks because change sucks. CrossFit will force you to look back on how you’ve treated your body for the past decade or two or three. It will force you to meet new people. It will force you to look at your diet. It will force you to move. It will force you to invest your time and finances toward your long-term health. You’ll be told your moving incorrectly. Your ego will be checked.

This is the time of year that people begin to look at making healthy choices. You’ll hear about fad diets, starvation challenges, 8 easy steps to six-pack abs, $10 gym memberships. I’m going to clue you in on a very simple litmus test: if it’s not uncomfortable, you will not stick to it. Think about times of change: marriage (or its dissolution), having children, changing jobs, moving to a new city, or starting a business. The two common denominators in all of these examples are: 1. They all have times of complete, utter sucky-ness and 2. The growth and change on the other side of the suck would not have occurred without the suck.

Whatever your resolution is this year, I sincerely hope it sucks 🙂

Register now for Yoga!!

Sundays at 11am starting in December
==>Go here to reserve your spot in the 8-week yoga session!!<==

Yoga is good for your snatch!! Are your shoulders or hips tight which inhibit your ability to gain full range of motion in certain CrossFit movements? Please join me on Sundays at 11am to move through a vinyasa flow that will help to improve overall flexibility and general mobility. Yoga is the perfect complement to the intensity and butt kicking we often put our bodies through during wods. Take the time to refocus and re-energize from your daily workouts by engaging in active recovery that will help bring your body back to full range of motion. I will work on proper alignment and positioning of a multitude of poses while also taking into consideration each participants mobility concerns. You will learn how to breathe more efficiently and develop a greater ability to balance. Think “Fran” lung and handstand push ups or pistols.  I  want this to be fun and interactive and a place where you can breathe, move and stay fit in a way that might be different that what you’re used to. All levels are encouraged! I look forward to seeing you all on your mat! Email jaimelytle3@gmail.com if you have any questions.

December Newsletter

Sundays at 11am starting in December
==>Go here to reserve your spot in the 8-week yoga session!!<==

Yoga is good for your snatch!! Are your shoulders or hips tight which inhibit your ability to gain full range of motion in certain CrossFit movements? Please join me on Sundays at 11am to move through a vinyasa flow that will help to improve overall flexibility and general mobility. Yoga is the perfect complement to the intensity and butt kicking we often put our bodies through during wods. Take the time to refocus and re-energize from your daily workouts by engaging in active recovery that will help bring your body back to full range of motion. I will work on proper alignment and positioning of a multitude of poses while also taking into consideration each participants mobility concerns. You will learn how to breathe more efficiently and develop a greater ability to balance. Think “Fran” lung and handstand push ups or pistols.  I  want this to be fun and interactive and a place where you can breathe, move and stay fit in a way that might be different that what you’re used to. All levels are encouraged! I look forward to seeing you all on your mat! Email jaimelytle3@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Saturday, Dec. 6th 10am — Ugly Sweater Workout

Bring your ugliest Holiday Sweater, an unopened children’s toy, and a friend for a fun workout and partnership with the KC Ugly Sweater Christmas Party to benefit Operation Breakthrough
Spots are limited. ==> RESERVE YOUR’S HERE by going to Saturday, Dec. 6th 10am “The Hill Bootcamp”


From all your coaches at The Hill, Happy Thanksgiving! In case you missed it, check out Matt’s Holiday Survival Guide. 




Shhhh….Super Sneak Peak — Iron Hill
Monday, December 15th at 6:45pm

In 2015 we will debut Iron Hill; a women-specific strength and conditioning program focusing on strength training for general fitness, core stability, and developing a strong, lean physique with our very own Coach Al! To give you a taste of what’s to come in 2015, Al will host a free trial session on December 15th at 6:45 pm. Email Al at alamp13@gmail.com with any questions and to reserve a spot.






ATTN Employers: Hire more CrossFitters!

Having had the unique opportunity to assemble and lead many diverse teams of employees and volunteers, I’ve come to this seemingly obvious conclusion: CrossFitters make the best employees.  Here’s how:CFMH 2

  1. Checked Ego – Embedded deep in the DNA of a CrossFitter is a desire to work on one’s weaknesses. So you can back squat 500 pounds? Great, go run a 5k. On any given day CrossFitters willingly walk into their gym knowing they’ll face weaknesses head-on and come out a little better on the other side.
  2. Attention to detail – “Move your hands out 2 inches.” “Your left foot needs to land 1/8 of a second before your right.” The perfection of human movement exists in the minutia. And CrossFitters love it. As they develop as athletes their attunement to fine detail grows dramatically.
  3. Welcomes correction – Imagine chatting with an employee about a project that was adequate, but not great. You lay on some tough, but constructive criticism. Your employee is extremely grateful, if not ecstatic about your tough love. This is the relationship that CrossFitters develop with their coaches everyday. We welcome and crave the correction of the watchful eye of our coach.
  4. Social outlet – I love efficiency. I was drawn to the idea that I could work out and develop rich friendships all in an hour a day. It’s great. As professional adults, it becomes increasingly difficult to find new, meaningful interaction. This happens all the time and iCFMH 1s encouraged at the CrossFit gym.
  5. Stress management – Think about this: CrossFit will likely be the most challenging thing your employee does on any particular day. Imagine everything in the office being perceived as manageable and attainable? CrossFitters routinely practice new and developing skills; often times experiencing frustration and joy once the skill is mastered. I promise you “Fran” is more of a mental hurdle than anything you could throw at an employee.
  6. Lower healthcare costs – This is obvious. Lifestyle diseases have drastically surpassed all others in loss of healthcare dollars for companies. Seriously. What we’re doing IS NOT WORKING. Yet, every CF gym in the world has over a dozen stories of life-altering improvements in health. Get with it, employers.
  7. Pursuit of virtuosity – CrossFitters celebrate. Your training partner gets a personal best and you guys share in the joy. Shortly after the celebration is over, the PR’ing CrossFitter wants another 5 pounds next week. The pursuit is never over.
  8. Punctual – Class starts and ends at exactly the same time, everyday. CrossFitters practice and plan for punctuality every single day. Not only for themselves, but for the good of their class.
  9. Sharp – I was chatting with one of my clinical Psych professors one day and she explained to me that, despite our refusal to accept it, our brains CFMH 3operate much like a dog in a backyard. It’s wired since birth to take the same route around the outside of the yard, ultimately wearing down the grass to where there’s only dirt along the dog’s chosen path. The brain needs intervention if we’re to create new synapses, stay sharp, and stave off depression. Many therapists will prescribe their clients take random routes to work as a way of exercising their brain & interrupting the “dog path.” CrossFit is full of new & functional movement. The brain must be engaged and sharp to practice and learn these new movements.
  10.  Networked – Looking around my most recent class I saw: 2 physicians, 2 pharmacists, 3 attorneys, 1 CPA, 1 pharmacy school student, 2 law students, and 1 educational administrator. The CrossFit gym is not only a place where people get really fit, but it’s a well-connected group of like-minded, motivated individuals. Quit sending your employees to happy hours and useless luncheons and send them somewhere that is more efficient in it’s ability to yield physical and professional results.  Interested in chatting more? Shoot me an email: matt@crossfitmemorialhill.com

November Member Newsletter


You guys have been killing it with the referrals! Some of your fellow members are saving over $200/year with the referral program and are well on their way to a free membership. With the holidays coming up, think about throwing a referral card (worth $25!!!) in a card (or 10) for a co-worker, family, or friend. Remember, the referral program is good for both CrossFit and Bootcamp memberships. Thanks, guys!


November is shaping up to be an exciting month at CrossFit Memorial Hill! Check out this month’s events:

November 11th — Veterans’ Day
To honor our Vets, CrossFit Memorial Hill signed up as a host site for the nationwide “3 Wise Men Tribute.” The tribute is to raise money for the 3 Wise Men Foundation which serves to raise awareness and prevention for combat veteran suicide. Everyone will be doing the Tribute WOD on this day, but we’d love for you sign up, donate, and spread the word about this important issue. Please click on the graphic below to learn more and register. As a commitment to this great cause, CFMH will match the gym’s total donations up to $250. Thanks Vets!

November 15th – 6pm Location TBD — CrossFit Memorial Hill Turns 2!
A great kick-off to the holiday party season, The Hill anniversary parties are always a blast. Save the date!!!


Coach’s corner takes a turn for the nerdy in a series on diversifying your training and volume for maximum results. Do you like these? Click here to subscribe to our channel.


In a new series, “Better Know a Coach,” Jamie chats about his first experience with CrossFit, live music, pomade, comic books, and his inspiration. Please excuse the muffled sound as there were some weight slamming in the background, but it’s definitely worth a watch. Thanks for being a great coach, James!



1) How did you find CrossFit? What were you doing prior? One of the box owners in Lawrence pushed me to try it when I lived there, but I resisted because I didn’t want to “get bulky” and I thought it was a fad. I played softball at a very high level growing up and volleyball in college. Two months after moving to Kansas City and my failed attempt at trying to define myself as a runner (hahaha…) I finally conceded and gave it a try. Holy crap, I didn’t realize how out shape I was. Two things hooked me instantly – One: the no-bulls**t, no-frill approach to working out and variety in the programming. Two: the community. It has an awesomely similar feeling to being on a sports team. I found my home here at CFMH in August of last year. LOVE YOU ALL! ::wink:::

2) What are you up to when you’re not crushing it in the gym? It doesn’t really matter to me what I’m doing, so long as I’m in good company. I like to try new restaurants and explore different parts of the city. I’ll go to/watch pretty much any professional sports game and you will find me repping all my Chicago teams. Except the White Sox, ew. I also love a good Netflix binge with wine and cheese.

3) It’s no secret you love weightlifting. I mean, you just snatched 160#. Was this always the case? What do you like so much about it? Haha.. I’ve always been more of the power/strength athlete. Softball and volleyball both required that quick, explosive type of movement. I found my interest in weightlifting through CrossFit. There’s something to be said about the feeling you get from lifting something heavy from the ground to over your head… Maybe it’s just me, but it yields a much more satisfying feeling than, say, testing how many burpees you can do in a minute. I also appreciate that it’s just as much about speed and hitting positions (technique) as it is about strength. Its practice requires constant fine-tuning.

4) Favorite training song? Dirty, filthy, offensive hip-hop.

5) Cheat meal? Nachos, bruh… Or waffle fries.





CrossFit Memorial Hill Referral Program


No question — you guys are the best group of fun, hard-working, dedicated, welcoming CrossFitters on the planet. We’re amazed daily at the support and love you show to each other.

For that reason, we’re looking to you guys to grow.  Instead of spending money outside to bring people in, we wanted to give you guys the opportunity to save on YOUR membership while bringing new faces in the door. Here’s how the program works:

1. You give a friend a $25 gift card (on us) to CrossFit Memorial Hill.
2. They sign up for a free class here.
3.  If they like it, they get $25 off their first month.
4. If they become an unlimited member, you get $10 off every month they renew.
5. Repeat.
6. You continue to get $10 off per member you refer for the life of your’s & their memberships. If you have 5 friends join, YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS FREE.

October Member Newsletter

Upcoming EventsScreen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.53.18 PM

Happy Hour! Meet us and your fellow athletes at Teocali on Friday, October 17th from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

New Schedule and More Classes!

Beginning October 6th, we will add more CrossFit classes, expand Barbell Club programming, and add a Bootcamp program. Head over to our Class Schedule to see the changes. Check out this video for more details on the great things to come.

Coach’s Corner

In this episode, I look at the top 3 diet mistakes made by CrossFitters looking to slim down or lose body fat. Good news, they’re easy to tweak!

Featured Athlete: Eric Rodenberg

Eric blowin’ it up with the Endurance crew

After moving to Kansas City last December for his wife’s schooling, Eric was looking to step up his physical activity from jogging and the occasional push-up. Eric was first exposed to CrossFit through the academy for the Missouri Highway Patrol and knew that was the edge he needed. Since beginning a full-time CrossFit training regimen at CrossFit Memorial Hill, Eric has seen incredible gains in both strength and stamina.  According to Eric, “I have enjoyed every second of it. Everyone at the gym has been great and really welcoming.”

Due to his hectic schedule as a Highway Patrolman, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing Eric at any number of class times. The most impactful part of Eric’s training is his consistency, effort, and pursuit of improvement. Eric’s strength gains have been dramatic and noticeable to all of his coaches.  He truly is an image of a lifelong pursuit of fitness. Great work, Eric. We’re all incredibly proud of you!


Referral Program

Give the gift of fitness! Several of you have already taken advantage of the CrossFit Memorial Hill Referral Program and you’re well on your way to that free membership. A quick reminder on how it works — give a friend a referral card and they get $25 off their 1st month (for existing CF’ers) or $25 off the Fundamentals program.  You get $10 off every month that they’re an unlimited member pre-tax which means it’s actually more than a $10 savings to you every month. PLUS, if you have 5 referrals using an unlimited CrossFit membership, YOUR’S IS FREE.